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Roy D. Tousley  "Golf is not just my business, it's myPassion"
Roy Tousley’s professional training as an engineer served as a segue into understanding the physics of golf club performance and fitting. His passion for the game led him to Q School on the Senior Tour while his pursuits in equipment customization, research and development led him to working with Jeff Sheets. Roy maintains a successful club crafting business in his R&M Golfworks company where he has represented the golf industry well with clients from the PGA, LPGA and numerous Mini Tours to aspiring collegiate and junior golfers. Tousley has been acknowledged by the industry as a leader and a humanitarian. He has achieved Master Craftsman status and is recipient of Arizona and Western Regional Clubmaker of the Year in addition to being recognized with the Harvey Penick Award.
 Roy has been an athlete since a very young age but did not take the game of golf seriously until he attempted to earn a Senior Tour card twelve years ago.  It was through this experience he became involved in Club Making and ultimately, teaching and coaching.  Being an engineer by trade, he was convinced that the structure of the clubs was an important aspect of the game of golf. Thus launched his interest and career in Custom Club Making.   To better understand the complexity of the game and how important the equipment is he read & studied fervently, took classes from Golfsmith and  obtained has GCA Master Clubmaker certification.    Through the Custom Clubmaking, it was an easy transition to begin instructing others.  Roy had been involved with coaching and teaching sports for over 30 years.  He coached girls Softball for over ten years, along with assisting in the sports of Basketball and Swimming.  So, teaching and coaching Golf came naturally.  He has the ability to work with beginning golfers as well as tour players and his passion for the game instills excitement in those he works with.    His greatest satisfaction is when one of his students call him after a practice or game of golf and say “awesome!”    GTX is also about giving back to the community of golf.  We build clubs and donate them so that others can become introduced to the game that may not be able to afford it. 
Past & Current Projects Related to Golf  
  • Teaching/Coaching & Clubmaking for Women’s Golf: Participates in Golf for a Cause (organization to promote women’s golf)
  • Teaching/Coaching & Clubmaking for Young People: This is of particular interest since Roy has 7 up & coming young golfers in his family 
  • Teaching/Coaching & Clubmaking for the Physically Challenged: In Arizona we have a lot of senior citizens therefore Roy continues to study & do research on how to make the game of golf more enjoyable for those with physical disabilities.
  • Teaching/Coaching & Clubmaking for High School and College Players.  Roy’s convinced we’ll be seeing some of his students on tour!
  • Medal of Honor Project:  Inspired, organized and collaborated this project along with the help of Golfsmith to provide custom-made clubs to 26 Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Warriors for Freedom Golf Academy : Working through Warriors for Freedom ( to provide golf equipment, instruction and mentoring for Military men & women injured in the line of duty